So anyone who reads my blog (which is nobody) will probably realise that this blog post about Feb 2015 is actually being posted in late March…

I just want to do a little review like I did for Jan


  • Feb 2014: I spent 6 hours training – a total of 80 miles.
  • Feb 2015: I spent 7 hours training – a total of 85 miles.

So I managed to get an extra hour of training in and do a few more miles – big whoop you may say, it’s actually not that impressive. Well this year I actually spent a long weekend in Sweden and then went to Iceland at the end of the month, which meant I spent a lot of time away which is why my training was impacted.

However I did signup for a coach Justin Robbins ( and because of my travel we agreed to start my training from March 4th when I got back to the UK and had some serious time to focus on the training.

I’ve noticed that my running times are not up to scratch with what I had at the end of the season last year (September) and have fallen far behind, I guess that’s down to a long rest over winter and myself letting it slip.

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