Soon enough there will run out of firsts for me – but whilst there hasn’t, I’ll keep on posting them.

This weekend saw me compete in two firsts for me. My first Olympic/Standard distance race, which also happened to be my first Open Water Swim race.

My target time: Anything under 3 hours.

Race time: 2:39:58 (h:mm:ss)

Swim: 28:18
T1: 2:05
Cycle 1:20:50
T2: 1:11
Run: 47:34

In all, I’m pretty happy with the result – I hadn’t done any running in 3 weeks, and it’d had been around 7 weeks since I last went out and did a few runs so I’m happy with the run time and I know I can easily improve this once I start to focus on my run training. My swim time again I was happy with, I feel this is something that will naturally improve over time and the same with my cycle.

I’ve had a lot of issues with my knees the past few weeks and cycling, I think I need to get a bike fit done and also get the position of my cleats looked at – I think the combination of the two problems is causing serious issues and pain in my knees, which isn’t going to treat me well in the long term, also the fitting might help me speed up my cycling time as well.

For now I don’t have any more events lined up, so I will just keep training and trying to improve.

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