So yesterday I attended and completed my first triathlon. RESULTS HERE

I competed in the Royal Wootton Bassett Sprint TriΒ which is only down the road from where I live.

Coming into the finish line

Coming into the finish line

It was excellent – I had set myself a target time of 01:30:00 (1 hour, 30 minutes) – this was based on good calculations of these target times:
Swim: 8 minutes (400m)
T1: 2 minutes
Bike: 45 minutes (20km)
T2: 2 minutes
Run: 30minutes (5km)

So a total time of 01:27:00 – I completed it in 01:12:10.5 – part of this was because the run wasn’t actually 5km, more around 4km – but even if it was 5km I would have still smashed my 01:30:00 target time which I’m very happy about.

I learnt many things from this, my first triathlon.

  1. I could have pushed myself quicker in the swim – but I didn’t want to tire myself out for the rest of the race
  2. When I put my bike shoes in transition before the race – make sure the straps are undone – ready to put my feet straight in and not have to faff undoing the straps (2 straps per a shoe)
  3. Invest in lock laces for my running shoes
  4. When you catch up to a mate who is now walking in the run – and you push them to carry on running – don’t slow down and run with them to keep them going – it’s your own race, carry on and make sure they don’t cross the line in front of you with a sprint finish

HereΒ can find the results and read more about it with photos

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