So January 2015 is pretty much over now, so here’s a little review.


  • Jan 2014: I spent 5 hours training – a total of 73 miles.*
  • Jan 2015: I spent 14 hours training – a total of 160 miles.*

It’s nice to see that I doubled my training this January compared to last year.
*These numbers don’t include pool swims, spin sessions at the gym or indoor runs though.


  • Garmin Fenix 2: My watch broke this month and has been shipped back to Garmin to be replaced, it means that some of my data for this month is a bit skewed or not 100% accurate. What I have done that it didn’t record, I’ve tried to manually map out in Strava – it does mean I’ve lost HR data and speed on certain sections, but I’ve still got my mileage tracked.
  • Garmin Edge 810: So yesterday I became the own of this nifty cycling GPS. I got a great deal over at wiggle which I couldn’t miss out on, and as I already owned the sensors from my Fenix2, it meant I could buy the cheap base package. This has meant I can still accurately track my ride today and in the future, plus it will help me as I should start training indoors on the turbo that I’ve never used
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: I’ve owned this device for almost 2 years now, and it used to be what I used to record all my activities on, however, it does support ANT+, which means I can use my phone to record GPS data and my HR whilst I’m out running and waiting for my watch to be replaced.

I’ve renewed my membership out at Lake 32, this means, come April I’ll be on my second years worth of membership. I made great use of it last year, but didn’t really record most of my swims. Mainly because Strava doesn’t do a good job of supporting swimming at the moment. As I’ll have my Fenix2 for the whole season, I’ll use that to record my swims, so I can at least see how often I’m going.

My Reading Half marathon race pack arrived this morning. It’s only 7 weeks away now! I’m excited to get my first race of the year in, but it is nerve racking as I haven’t been getting the mileage in, and my speed has dropped dramatically.

Now I need to create a plan for the upcoming months and stick to it. Especially February as I’m travelling for a lot of the month so I won’t be able to get a lot of mileage in on the bike side of things, but hopefully can get a few runs in.

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