In April I joined Griz on another trip down to Poole to spend the weekend kayaking in the sea, this was part of a Song of the Paddle trip that we had been on the year before.

I travelled down on Friday afternoon and once there caught up and sent a few emails from the back of the truck.

We jumped out on the water, with the idea of paddling over to Poole harbour to get fish and chips, but the weather and sunlight was against us, so we turned around and head back to camp, where Griz rustled up a lovely steak.

On Saturday we met up with Paul and went to Jurassic coast and paddled to Durdle door, where we had some lovely bacon sarnies.

Once we got back to camp, a few of the guys were having a fancy dinner.

Saturday night, the clouds cleared and it was a very cold night in the truck.

Sunday morning, we went out for a short paddle, then packed up and went home.