If you hadn’t of guessed – I am James and I like pink.

Back in 2010 I was an overweight twenty something who made a lifestyle change. This is my story:

Age: 20
Weight: ~240lbs // ~17.14 stone // ~108.8KG
BMI: 33 – Obese

I was a second year computing student on a placement year. I was the very typical computing nerd stereotype. Very inactive, drinking at least one energy drink a day, late nights with little sleep and a very poor diet consisting of at least one weekly evening take-away with additional fast food such as McDonalds, KFC & Subway thrown in during the day on my lunch breaks as well.

My partner had heard about the Dukan Diet – a ketogenic diet. She decided she wanted to try it out and to support her, I also did the diet. In a short space of time I managed to lose a large amount of weight and started to look the best I ever had done in my life up until that point.

It came around to November of 2010 when it was my birthday and I had decided to take a break from the diet, then Christmas was creeping up, and a week break became two weeks, then “I’ll start again after Christmas” and then I never really got back onto it.

What matters though, is that I made a large change, for long enough to kick start my weight loss journey.

Age: 21
Weight: ~200lbs // ~14.28 stone // ~90.7KG
BMI: 28 – Overweight

In September of 2011 I went back to university to complete my degree and didn’t really do much in terms of diet or exercise. I attempt the odd 1-3 mile run here and there, but it all came to a stop pretty quickly.

Age: 22
Start weight:~200lbs //
Start BMI:

Finish weight: ~190lbs //
Finish BMI:

In 2012 I vowed to myself that I’d never let my weight control my life and become the reason I was unwell.