Worried that I felt like I did nothing with my 2019, I decided to create a little video to remind myself of all the awesome things I did do.

Clips in order:
Entering 2019 in Paris
Flying into Las Vegas
Missing my connection to Seattle
A new flight to Seattle the next day
Meeting Jon in Seattle
Skiing for the first time in Snowqualmie
Company party in Vegas
Filming snow in Vegas
Dropping my wallet at Alton Towers
Mountain Biking at Cannock Chase
Diving in Cabo, Mexico
Driving a Baja buggy in Baja, Mexico
Wild camping on a beach in the UK
Meeting Craig in Vegas
Meeting Jon with Craig in Seattle
Beach fire in Oregon
Seeing Craig fly back in Business
Bursting my ear drum wakeboarding in Lithuania
Being surprised on my 30th Birthday
Driving wildcats in the Spanish desert
Sailing in the Canaries
Driving my truck through a flooded road
New Year eve walk with the Hydes