So, my love of playing paintball and hanging out with friends has taken me around the world to play paintball at some random locations.

Call to Duty

Call to Duty was in some random industrial estate. Random as hell

On October 3rd 2010 in Hereford 200 paintballers gathered in anΒ entire industrial complex with over 40 buildings to use clear paintballs and shoot each other.

Call to Duty II

Call to Duty II was in Senny Bridge. It hit -16 during the night, and we were sleeping in sleeping bags in windowless buildings.

North vs South (big game)

A weekend long paintball game / stag weekend at the end of April 2011.

Student Cup 2012

April 2012 – UK’s first paintball university competition for a few years:

Tippman Challenge UK (TCUK)

Another trip to Senny Bridge. This time it was July time, so it was much warmer, and we camped in tents as it was a 52 hour, non stop paintball game. July 2012

Crash At The Coast 2013

July 2012Paintballing in sunny San Diego for a week.


In March 2014 we played paintball in a theme park! Oakwood theme park in Wales:

Helping build a Academy49 Speedball field in Bristol

We helped put together a paintball field in Bristol.