Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim

I was meant to compete/attend the Bosphorus swim. I had entered it with the intentions in being in Turkey to do this in July, 2017. However there was a mountain of paper work that I didn’t sort out before the deadline which prevented me from doing this (this is purely my own fault).

The first thing that I needed for this event was a fitness note from a doctor to compete it in the event. I saw my local GP, who said I had a heart murmur and wouldn’t sign off my form until I saw a specialist.

I went and saw a Heart specialist at Bupa, and after some tests, signed me off almost instantly. It wasn’t a heart murmur and I could compete.

My next issue, was needing a qualified swim instructor (and not a triathlon instructor) to sign off that I could swim the distance. I wasn’t worried about the distance, however no swim instructor knew me well enough to want to put their liability at risk to sign it off in time. Because of this, I didn’t have the required forms to be posted (snail mailed) to Turkey in time of the cut off.