My Results here:

Swim: 400m
Bike: 20km
Run: 5km

I’m dead chuffed with a 14/124 result and hope I can keep improving. Looking at my results below it would appear I have a strong run, especially coming off the bike. I did feel I pushed my run hard today and felt I pushed the bike harder than I probably should have done.


2014 vs 2015:

2014 Pos2015 Pos2015 Bib NoName2014 Time2015 TimeYoY diffGender
122129Stuart Foster01:04:14.001:06:20.900:02:07Male
155148Rob Burgess01:05:03.501:08:52.800:03:49Male
146144Bryn Mayell01:04:36.701:09:49.300:05:13Male
3310131Ben Walter01:10:18.701:11:03.800:00:45Male
3813121Ffion Davies01:11:17.501:12:25.500:01:08Female
4514128James Perkins01:12:10.501:13:06.000:00:55Male
2316140Huw Stacey01:07:33.401:13:36.400:06:03Male
3618142Kieran Golding01:10:39.601:14:06.200:03:27Male
2819124Nigel Stone01:09:08.701:14:35.100:05:26Male
842379Craig Moreton01:22:09.701:18:51.1-00:03:19Male
13124116Angie Tanner01:33:40.701:19:00.7-00:14:40Female
11226101Kevin House01:28:00.701:19:12.4-00:08:48Male
5334106Emma Langdon01:14:24.501:20:33.100:06:09Female
5742118Felicity Westall01:15:29.101:23:01.500:07:32Female
704366Matthew Gore01:17:29.501:23:02.500:05:33Male
864461Ellen Lovatt01:22:29.301:23:22.300:00:53Female
6045135Luke Marchment01:16:23.801:23:25.500:07:02Male
7349102Eleanor Hains01:19:08.101:23:43.700:04:36Female
7650123Jodie Watt01:19:57.401:24:43.200:04:46Female
475184Neil Tiley01:12:18.401:25:40.900:13:23Male
665293Ben Bischler01:16:50.401:25:54.000:09:04Male
755377David Shelton01:19:43.501:25:54.500:06:11Male
9855134Lucy Normington01:24:38.401:27:00.700:02:22Female
785873Stephen Doo01:20:43.501:27:21.300:06:38Male
896262Justin Dowdell01:23:15.301:28:36.100:05:21Male
11363115Ayren Walker01:28:18.201:28:41.000:00:23Female
796539Paul Borgman01:20:46.401:29:08.000:08:22Male
1027259Derek Kelly01:25:34.101:30:35.500:05:01Male
907599Elliott Case01:23:23.801:31:19.200:07:55Male
857965David Levett01:22:14.301:32:25.100:10:11Male
828616Alice Lane01:21:27.701:34:11.500:12:44Female
1169094Vicky Sammon01:28:59.901:34:41.400:05:42Female
1149657Iain Case01:28:20.101:35:45.600:07:26Male
12710080Stuart Saunders01:31:51.501:36:45.000:04:53Male
12111334Julia Abab01:30:19.401:46:28.400:16:09Female
14511429Kim Baines01:50:57.901:47:03.4-00:03:55Female
14611719Shelly Hopkins01:52:56.101:48:34.0-00:04:22Female
14012128Portia Nuttall01:47:29.601:55:09.700:07:40Female
average increase00:04:12

I exported the results from RWB 2014 and RWB 2015. I’ve taken competitors who competed in both 2014&2015 and then combined some import information into the same table. The information included is the 2014 & 2015 overall position, their 2015 bib number (in case you want to look them up), their name & gender, their overall time for both 2014 & 2015 and then finally the YoY difference (Year on Year). On average we can see there is a 4 minute, 12 second increase in time to complete 2015 vs 2014. I put this down to a couple of factors. One will be the increase in distance of the run course to make it 5KM this year (it was short in 2014). The weather in 2015 was also very different, with a lot more rain and wind. 2014 was wind free and the sun was beating down in all it’s glory. I guess I could create another table which compares the run times of 2014 to 2015 to confirm that the increase of time was mostly in the run, but for now you are stuck with this data. If you’d like my original excel spreadsheet please ask and I’ll happily share it with you.

From my own personal gain in these stats, I’m happy to see that my time difference was only a 55second increase, which is great when you compare it to the average. That would also probably help explain the overall position increase from 45 to 14 (that and a lot of people who were better than me last year didn’t race this year, which made it easier for me). Although the biggest kudos must go out to Angie Tanner which a 14 minute 40second improvement from last year. Whatever she is doing training wise is obviously paying off.

Finish Line Video:

2:11:11 to see me coming into and crossing the line.