SUP camping

Anyway, this weekend I went out on my inflatable SUP along the Thames, starting in Wargrave. Did about 18 miles and then wild camped out on an island in the Thames just before Maidenhead. Got up on Sunday morning and paddled the final mile to Maidenhead lock where I got out, packed up and walked to Maidenhead station and caught the train home.
I made a short video of my trip, it isn’t the best, but mostly because I didn’t actually film anything whilst on the SUP.

I started by testing if all my gear would “comfortably” fit on top of the SUP.

I caught a taxi from home to Wargrave, where I met a fella called Tim and his mum on Tim’s boat. I explained to Tim what I was doing whilst I prepared the SUP and ate my lunch, ready for my launch.

Just after I launched it started to rain.

Paddled for 6 hours until I got to my final lock. I met a bloke who was on his way to a festival, I opened the lock for him.

I got to my camp for the evening.

Wild camped. –

Woke up and paddled to Maidenhead.

Walked to the Train.

Train back near home.

Taxi home from the station. I stank!