Bristol Half Marathon 2014

So the Bristol Half Marathon 2013 was meant to be my first half marathon, with it being the 25th anniversary of the Bristol Half, but unfortuantely due to injury I couldn’t run it. This year I was happy to be able to run the half for my first time.

Just 4 weeks after my first half marathon (Severn Bridge) with a total of 5 runs between the two events, with an average distance of 5.3 miles I attempted my second half marathon. I felt like I hadn’t trained enough for the event (which is still firmly believe is true) and I really just wanted to finish it in around the same time that I finished the Servern Bridge half. I went in expecting to not get a personal best for this event.

What I actually did, was managed to complete the run in 01:37:13 – coming 1034th out of ~12,000 people. This beats the time of my first half marathon by over 5 minutes so I am dead chuffed for the PB and to have made it under the 01:40:00 mark. I just need start up training and aim for that sub 01:30 mark now. Hopefully next year, but we shall see.

Official results can be found here: